Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting close!

Today, the Chicago Tribune's daily commuter publication RedEye featured an interview with adaptor Rob Kauzlaric (also posted on the entertainment guide website, Metromix). 

This is a welcome energy boost coming in the middle of a grueling week! Our actors and designers have been working overtime to complete all the challenging little details we need to confront to utilize everyone's contributions to telling the story of Neverwhere.  We started adding costumes last night, and just as actors starting rehearsal often have questions about their characters, are reading words off a page for the first time and don't know which way to enter or exit the stage area, our costumer is at the fledgling point in her process, handing out pieces built from scratch in her home to the live actors and seeing them move in them for the first time. She has brought a wall of 30 to 40 costumes, many of them rigged for lightning fast quick changes for the cast of nine to switch into and out of as many of them play multiple characters. Our props are coming in for the first time too and must be evaluated for their effectiveness and ease of use so as to support the actor's work and not hinder it.  

Last night we worked for the first time with a mini-projector that we had hoped to incorporate into Lord Portico's Journal. Alas we discovered that the controls were too complicated for use in the scene and had to move on to plan B.  It's time for that - moving on to plans B and C and D for moments where we are relying on a variety of theatrical stagecraft to get the story telling elements of this sprawling fantasy feeling just right. So sometimes you have to - as Stephen King puts it in his memoir On Writing - kill your darlings. How many darlings will be killed before May 10th? Hard to tell, though everything seems to be able to be kept for now, you just have to stay flexible and keep moving on. Just another way the creative process mirrors the developmental one.


  1. My husband and I saw the 8 pm performance on Sat May 1. We were amazed! Absolutely great adaptation and production of a wonderful book.

    The stage craft was superb. The tunnels on the sides of the stage as well as the pipes going up the side gave everything just the right feel. The actors were also spot on in their roles. I was so unhappy with the BBC production, none of the characters fit my view of them from the book. This play was different- each character felt like they stepped right off the pages of Neverwhere.

    This blog has been so much fun to follow, and all your research has really paid off. Wonderful show!

  2. Saw the show for a second time last night, July 16, and was amazed once more.
    Truly amazing show. I think I'm becoming addicted to the Lifeline Theatre!


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